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Kick the Bucket Mouse Trap

Kick the Bucket Mouse Trap

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Kick The Bucket Mouse Trap is a simple, effective trap that works indoors and outdoors and can catch dozens of mice for months at a time without the need for emptying. No other trap comes close. How it works: Mice are baited into trap bucket where they then attempt to cross the impassible “Barrel Roller”. Mice are then collected at the base of the bucket and ready to be disposed. Trap can be used as a live trap using wood bedding (not included) or kill trap using water and Floating Filter Rocks (included). Floating Trap Floor Filter Rocks create a filtration layer that minimizes any dead rodent smell. Kit includes: 3 Pouches of “Floating Trap Floor Filter Rocks” (refill pouches), Installed and ready to use “Barrel Roller”, Bait tray, Ramp, Instructions.


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